Moment Design Challenge

Design Brief

Craiglist's primary revenue stream comes from real estate brokers who pay a fee for each listing they post on the website. They want to build an app that will make it easier for brokers to post and manage listings

Identifying the problem

  • Users are brokers
  • They profit by maximizing how many listings they put on Craigslist
  • Goal is to make it easier to post and manage listings
  • They are in New York City
  • They want it in a form of an app
  • They want to list an apartment and respond to prospective tenants
  • Betty has her own requirement as well
  • Design Goal

    Make it easier for brokers to post and manage listings

    Background Research

    The design research started from gathering information from Craigslist website and other websites and apps providing similar service. I read and summarized several competitive services that provide analogous experience. From the summaries I identified a handful of insights and turned them into high level design recommendations

  • Craigslist could be considered as the most popular classifieds site for real estate brokers to post listings
  • However, the visual design of the website and App is more than outdated
  • When it comes to the search functionality and post functionality, the UX design are not user centered
  • Although the interface of Craigslist is not that user friendly, since it keeps providing a steady service year after year, the number of Craigslist users keeps increasing
  • A large number of real estate brokers consistently generate real estate leads by using Craigslist
  • Third-party Craigslist mobile app

  • As you may notice on the third-party Craigslist app, when creating a new post, users need to type most of information
  • Users cannot upload the photos on this page. (several pages of creating a new post cost more time)
  • ‘Bathroom’ section could take less space on the page and become a responsive drop down list
  • ‘Available on’ section could become a calendar button, no need to take three rows’ space
  • Betty’s core activities

    Sheplans to list 15 different apartments on Craigslist this weekend. They vary in price and are concentrated in three Manhattan neighborhoods: the Upper West Side, Chelsea, and the Financial District. Using the new mobile app, Betty can expect to receive about 1,000 responses a day

    Posting apartment ads vary in price and neighborhoods on Craigslist Managing posted ads (adding ads, editing ads, deleting ads and renewing ads) Receiving response and replying requests Managing responses (Marking, deleting, replying responses)

    According to Betty’s activities, the following main capabilities could be added in the mobile Craigslist app

  • Posting photos and headlines
  • Posting property information (in form of voice message or text)
  • Communicating with prospective tenants (Phone/Text/Email/Voice Message)
  • Managing posts and responses
  • Privacy settings
  • Map of neighborhoods
  • Repost/renew ads after original post
  • Capability Exploration 1

    The capability I would like to explore in more detail is reposting ads after the original post. The lifespan of the real estate ads on Craigslist changes in different geographic locations; when it comes the large metropolitan cities like New York City, the ads may only be visible for 3 days. As a result, reposting ads on Craigslist is necessary for brokers like Betty

    Plus, real estate brokers are allowed to renew ads 48 hours after the original post for up to a month. However, reposting ads by retyping the headline, property information and photos is time consuming. Therefore, reposting ads capability is of great significance in this redesign and could be added to the app as a new feature


  • Adding ‘Repost’ button under each real estate ads post, leave the headline blank and keep the rest of the information same as before
  • Before posting real estate ads, provides a ‘save before post’ button to back up this ad
  • Setting repost reminder. Once the ads have been posted for certain days, the app will remind the users to repost it
  • Capability Exploration 2

    Posting property information usually takes long time because it requires brokers to list the details and the brief introduction about the housing. In order to reduce the time that users spend on creating a new post, making every section on the page as user friendly as possible is necessary. I would like explore the usability of ‘Uploading Property Information’. Based on the concept, minimize the time spend on creating new post, editing the property information by using voice message could be less time consuming. Additionally, using voice message to introduce the housing could deliver more detailed information to the tenants.

    Solution is to add voice message to edit the property information as a new feature.

    Betty’s professional needs

    To reduce the time it took to list an apartment:

  • Betty might need to create drafts before post a new ad
  • Betty definitely wants to shorten the time she posts a new ad (post a voice message instead of typing a paragraph of the property information)
  • Betty may want to set a time to make the app post the ads automatically
  • To keep the ads on the top of the real estate section, Betty might need to repost ads within a short time
  • To manage responses more efficiently:

  • Decide if the customers are serious about buying or renting is important, so Betty need to mark the potential customer
  • Betty need to make sure that time with a client is spent wisely so marking the customers with high priority is of great significance
  • After prescreening the potential customers on the phone, mark those she will show them the properties
  • View the responses by date or the communication tools they use
  • Craigslist’s goal:

  • Craigslist makes money only through a handful of revenue streams
  • The company charges a $10 fee to list an apartment rental in New York
  • Craigslist profit by maximizing the number of ads charge
  • Recommendation for Craigslist:

  • Charge reposting ads within certain days. For instance, if users would like to repost the same ads they have posted 3 days ago, they might need to pay for that. After limited time, they do not need to pay for reposting ads
  • To better serve the real estate brokers and customers on Craigslist, the above recommendations about add new functionalities could be considered
  • User Experience Map

    Sketch-Capability 2

    Wireframe-Capability 2