SAP Crystal Reports


SAP Crystal is an entry-level solution that enables deeper insights to business information and positions your organization for greater competitive advantage. It combines the pixel-perfect reporting capabilities of SAP Crystal Reports with the secured delivery mechanisms of SAP Crystal Server.

In this project, I was involved from the early stages of marketing campaign research and stakeholder meetings to gather and understand requirements for first release on Alibaba Cloud. As this product continued to grow in China Market, my role involved in working with product owners and developers from Alibaba team in China to deliver the marketing research, wireframes, low-fi and high-fi interactive mocks, front end coding and maintaining the style guide.

What I designed for this product?

  • UX/UI design of Crystal Reports landing page
  • Crystal Reports Collaterals design
  • Online Celebrity Campaign
  • Alibaba Double 11 shopping festival for Crystal Reports
  • Design Template
  • Research

    After conducting the background market research and examining the data, I could learn how much brand awareness Crystal Reports has in the Chinese marketplace compared to the companies that provide the same product as SAP. I communicated with our marketing team and decided to have a brief talk with the following types of users to know more about the SAP products (Crystal Reports in China). People are aware of SAP but they are not familiar with Business Intelligence product of SAP.

  • SAP Sell Partner (VAR)
  • Purchases SAP software online for customer
  • Head of Procurement for large partner or General Manager for small partner

  • Combined with my marketing research and competitive product analysis and the talks with these users. I proposed the following ideas to promote Crystal Reports in China:

    Design Process

    After conducting marketing research, drawing information architecture, presenting solutions to the business leads thru low fi mockups, the final visual style was developed.

    Below are some screens from the Crystal Reports product landing page. I created the landing page, banner and flyer according to SAP Design System.

    What went well?

    The landing page of Crystal Reports launched successfully in a tight timeline:

    During Double 11 shopping festival in China, Combined the optimized landing page with ACM’s promotion of Double 11 event from 11.08-11.12, we have driven 62 new downloads and generate 53 new customer leads.

    Crystal Reports got introduced on 2018 Computing Conference in Hangzhou successfully.

    What did not go well?

  • R: Responsible-The team member who does the work to complete the task.
  • A: Accountable-The person who delegates work and provides final review on a task or deliverable based before it’s deemed complete.
  • C: Consulted-People who provide input on a deliverable based on the impact on their work or their domain of expertise.
  • I: Informed-People who need to be kept in the loop on project progress.

  • After we reviewed the design process and RACI chart of this project, we found the following problems:

  • Requirements/materials were not clear enough, technical issue and content quality weren’t covered in the first meeting.
  • Format of the image/video/audio need to be confirmed at the beginning.
  • The answers to the technical questions need to be provided in certain format before start working on html.
  • Business goals missing: what sort of results do we expect and how to maximize the goal of the project?

  • How do we make it better next time: Design Documentation for SAP Digital

    Usually, when we think about design, the word “template” or “documentation” probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. However, after reviewed the process of designing SAP collaterals and products, I realized that design template is a key part of the design process.

    As an enterprise product designer, you will be responsible for understanding not only the design process but also the marketing process, and ensuring you teammates are capable of establishing it, it’s your responsibility to grow and mentor them so they can. Therefore, I provided a customizable design templates and training activities to help my teammates establish design principles, identify metrics and etc.

    Designers at SAP spend at least 20% of their time collecting and reviewing the “right” materials and information before they start working on designing projects. Here, the design template I created can:

  • Make the design process more transparent
  • Explain how the design process is for non-designers
  • Prevent time-wasting materials collection
  • Build products around business goals
  • Enhance the design experience reviewing the workflow
  • The purpose of this design template is to provide more detailed requirements, goals and materials for product managers, designers and developers to effectively define the design architecture. By filling out the roles, goals, requirements, review section and much more content, we could make the design process easier and more transparent.

    Due to confidential issues, part of projects cannot be published here.

    To be continued...